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v0.31:Release information/0.31.09

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Dwarf Fortress 0.31.09 was released on July 10, 2010

Lots of combat changes this time. Keep in mind that old saves use the old raws, so you'll want to copy over at least item_weapon.txt, item_ammo.txt and inorganic_metal.txt to get more of the positive effects. The adventure mode stone-making ability won't be available in old saves but butchery will be. --Toady


[edit] Crash fixes

  • fixed potential crash with container reactions
  • stopped arena mode from caving in/locking up when you leave control mode

[edit] Major bug fixes

  • made material-based random headless beasts killable
  • stuckin bleeding updated properly
  • fixed major artery tag when added from creature raw with TL_MAJOR_ARTERIES (also TL_CONNECTS)
  • made major artery strike for 25%+ fractures on major artery parts mandatory
  • amplified effects for announced major artery strikes
  • fixed swing velocity calculation for weapons
  • fixed clothing size calculation (messed up shields, gloves, boots)
  • changed contact area and size for bolts
  • fixed blowouts in giant creature wrestling
  • fixed weird skill/profession mixup that stopped marksdwarves from firing on enemies
  • freed up some ammo that became lost in limbo after squad deletion/ammo reassignments/etc.
  • made hunters grab ammo more reliably when they run out or when labor is changed
  • fixed reordering of reaction/ore mats and a few other indexing problems between operating systems

[edit] Other bug fixes/tweaks

  • reworded some combat announcements
  • fixed reaction screen product display error
  • fixed contact area issue with misc object fighting
  • changed dodging rules for people mounting a charge defense
  • fixed problem with edge being disregarded too soon after impact breaks
  • changed skill effects on firing rate
  • changed contact area calculations for body parts
  • various changes to weapon raws
  • changed edge/impact calculations
  • metal values changed in raws
  • fixed problems preventing some gut pop-outs from happening
  • fixed issue with extra dodge rolls causing shots to become less square
  • other combat tweaks
  • obliterated arsenal dwarf (position will still exist in old saves, but won't be used/needed)
  • extended distance at which hunters are willing to shoot
  • made hunters return kills under more circumstances
  • allowed miners/woodcutters to switch immediately to hunt labor without getting confused about crossbow
  • stopped targeting of benign, far away wilderness creatures after they see you, unless they are close
  • force-allowed targeting of kill targets in some cases where it wasn't permitting it
  • stopped indiv choice melee/ranged from picking out weapons of the opposite type instead of just preferring them
  • fixed problem with custom workshops blanking out at times (save compat iffy here, might have to rebuild shops)
  • made reaction job interface/automation check inside barrels/etc. (stuff manager jobs did right)
  • changed stuckin chances

[edit] New stuff

  • added cumulative wounds
  • added adv mode knapping
  • added adv mode butchery
  • allowed use of (buildingless) reactions in adv mode
  • changed adv mode hunger/thirst/drowsiness durations and penalties
  • start with spear/dagger in adv play now
  • default dwf start with a few quivers
  • gave hunters default ammo assignment
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