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[edit] Important Forum Posts

[edit] Epic forum posters worth following

[edit] About me

  • I think Dwarf Fortress is the best game of all times.
  • I love to stream my gaming sessions on my youtube channel.

[edit] Articles I have written for the DF wiki

[edit] Things to do

  • rewrite Stone_management from scratch
  • rewrite Stockpile
  • Add stockpile settings info to the article of each item which can have its own stockpile
  • Upload images of most creatures
  • Add why some dwarfves like some creatues (e.g. Opah for their coloring)
  • Add butchering yields of creatues
  • Find out how often a creature can be sheared
  • Add grow time from crop (25 or 42 days) to the respective individual plant articles
  • rewrite Notes, make Routes
  • duplicating info: Melt item has info on how many bars what item is made of. Individual items' pages lack this info. Do it!

[edit] ☼Forum fiber thread☼

[edit] Signatures in DF forum

I collect funny signatures from the DF forums


  • Quote from: Alkyon on March 31, 2010, 03:00:46 am
Personally, I like [DF] because after climbing the damned learning cliff, I'm too elitist to consider not liking it.


  • Quote from: Lordraymond on December 10, 2011, 10:28:59 pm
Dwarf Fortress: The only game where people will hold a logical discussion about why dwarves are putting on clothes.


  • Quote from: Moogie on February 08, 2012, 01:23:42 pm
Certainly you could argue that DF is a lot like The Sims, only... you know... with more vomit and decapitation.
  • Quote from: xeivous on March 17, 2012, 06:54:20 am
If we wanted monstrosities, we'd go play games that are a bit brighter than DF, like Warhammer 40k.


  • Quote from: arzzult on March 19, 2012, 09:47:41 am
This is the game where "child care" is locking a kid in a room with a bunch of rabid animals to scar them, physically and emotionally, for years to make them better killing machines.

[edit] Quotes

  • Lie Lie​: The looks in DF look retro as hell but it is a behemoth in terms of gameplay, no game has accomplished this.

[edit] Iron and fuel needed for a full set of armor

Eqipment Steel bars Iron bars flux fuel (ingredient) fuel (iron ore smelting) fuel (steel bar production) fuel (item production)
Helm 1 1 1 1 0.25 1 1
Breastplate 3 3 3 3 0.75 3 1
Gauntlets 1 1 1 1 0.25 1 1
Greaves 2 2 2 2 0.5 2 1
High Boots 1 1 1 1 0.25 1 1
Shield 1 1 1 1 0.25 1 1
Short sword, Battle axe, Spear 1 1 1 1 0.25 1 1
Sum 10 10 10 10 2.5 10 7

[edit] Sandbox

[edit] Personal preferences of dwarves

[edit] Stone

cassiterite cinnabar claystone cryolite diorite earthenware saltpeter periclase garnierite

[edit] Metal

adamantine aluminum bismuth bismuth bronze bronze lay pewter platinum zinc

[edit] Gem

almandine crystal glass black opal brown jasper brown zircon pifire opal prase red grussular red spinel yellow diamond yellow grossular

[edit] Refuse

bat ray tooth giant albatross tooth giant cockatiel bone giant nautilus shell giant pond turtle shell green tree frog tooth llama wool panda tooth salmon bone snapping turtle shell

[edit] Color

buff midnight blue sandy taupe scarlet silver

[edit] Material

jackal leather pine wood rope reed fiber fabric glumprong wood

[edit] Finished good

cabochons gems

[edit] Ammo


[edit] Armor

breastplates greaves shoes

[edit] Weapon

crossbows short swords spears

[edit] Crafts

coins figurines goblets quivers rings

[edit] Furniture

anvils coffins grates thrones

[edit] Likes

aplaca for their long necks flies for their ability to annoy guineafowl for their social nature jabberers for their frightening beaks nether-caps for their coldness to the touch opah for their coloration rats for their friendliness reindeer for their large herds water buffalos for their water wallowing white-browed gibbons for their ability to swing through the trees yaks for their shaggy hair

[edit] Consumables

aye-aye black mamba cave lobster demon rat dwarven ale dwarven sugar dwarven wine fisher berry wine gutter cruor horse's milk Longland flour mackerel monarch butterfly pig's milk plump helmet quarry bush leaves red panda sewer brew strawberry wine sun berries swamp whiskey sweet pod seeds tapir cheese tuber beer wheat flour wild strawberry seeds

[edit] Don't likes

jumping spiders large roaches moon snails purring maggot slugs worms

[edit] Stockpile settings

[edit] Stockpile of Cages

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