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Fire-safe Not magma-safe

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This article is about the current version of DF.

One of the two mineral sources of fuel, lignite is found in veins in sedimentary layers. When processed at a smelter or magma smelter, one unit of lignite produces 5 units of coke. If done at a regular smelter, this processing requires one pre-existing unit of fuel (either charcoal or coke), leaving a net production of 4 fuel.

Lignite is flammable - if exposed to fire or magma, an item made of lignite will burn for the better part of a year before wearing away. Exposure to water (including rain) will extinguish it, unless it happens to be stored in a bin.

It otherwise behaves as an ordinary stone. If you don't need to produce coke, you can use it to produce goods with a mason or stonecrafter. By default, lignite is considered an economic stone and it will be reserved for coke production unless changed in the Stone submenu.

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