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This article is about the current version of DF.

Grasslands are biomes covered in grass, other plants are rather rare. They are very similar to shrublands or savannas. The first few layers of grasslands are soil (possibly including an aquifer), which benefits above ground farming. These biomes contain fewer trees than forests, although they usually have enough to get by unless you need large amounts of wood for fuel. They usually have plenty of murky pools, and often have brooks or even rivers. They tend to have less ore than mountains, but as with any biome, you can find some if you dig down a few z-levels and look hard enough.

Grasslands come in temperate and tropical varieties. Temperate grasslands are notable as the only source of valley herbs.


[edit] Wildlife

[edit] Creatures

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
a Aardvark X
a Adder X
a Armadillo X
b Badger X
b Barn owl X X
b Buzzard X
c Cavy X
c Cheetah X
c Coyote X
e Eagle X X
e Echidna X
E Elk X
g Gazelle X
l Gray langur X X
o Great horned owl X X
g Groundhog X
h Hare X
b Honey badger X
H Horse X
h Hyena X
i Ibex X X
i Impala X
j Jackal X
J Jaguar X
k Kakapo X
K Kangaroo X
k Kestrel X X
l Leopard X
L Lion X
M Monitor lizard X
M Muskox X
o Ocelot X
o Opossum X
O Ostrich X
p Pangolin X
p Peregrine falcon X X
p Porcupine X
r Rabbit X
r Raven X
m Rhesus macaque X
R Rhinoceros X
s Skunk X
v Vulture X
W Warthog X
W Wild boar X X
s White stork X X

In savage grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
a Aardvark man X
a Adder man X
a Armadillo man X
b Badger man X
b Barn owl man X X
s Bark scorpion man X
b Bat man X X
b Beetle man X X
b Bluejay man X
b Buzzard man X
c Cardinal man X
c Cheetah man X
c Cockatiel man X
c Coyote man X
c Crow man X
e Eagle man X X
e Echidna man X
E Elk man X
f Firefly man X X
f Fly man X X
g Gazelle man X
A Giant aardvark X
A Giant adder X
A Giant armadillo X
B Giant badger X
B Giant barn owl X X
S Giant bark scorpion X
B Giant bat X X
B Giant beetle X X
B Giant bluejay X
B Giant buzzard X
C Giant cardinal X
C Giant cheetah X
C Giant cockatiel X
C Giant coyote X
C Giant crow X
E Giant eagle X X
E Giant echidna X
E Giant elk X
F Giant firefly X X
F Giant fly X X
G Giant gazelle X
G Giant grackle X
G Giant grasshopper X X
L Giant gray langur X X
O Giant great horned owl X X
G Giant groundhog X
H Giant hamster X X
H Giant hare X
B Giant honey badger X
H Giant hyena X
I Giant ibex X X
I Giant impala X
J Giant jackal X
J Giant jaguar X
J Giant jumping spider X X
K Giant kakapo X
K Giant kangaroo X
K Giant kestrel X X
L Giant leopard X
L Giant lion X
L Giant lizard X X
L Giant louse X X
M Giant magpie X
M Giant mantis X X
B Giant monarch butterfly X X
M Giant monitor lizard X
M Giant mosquito X X
M Giant moth X X
M Giant muskox X
O Giant ocelot X
O Giant opossum X
O Giant ostrich X
P Giant pangolin X
P Giant parakeet X
L Giant peach-faced lovebird X
P Giant peregrine falcon X X
P Giant porcupine X
R Giant rat X X
R Giant raven X
M Giant rhesus macaque X
R Giant rhinoceros X
R Giant roach X X
S Giant skink X X
S Giant skunk X
S Giant slug X X
S Giant snail X X
S Giant sparrow X X
T Giant thrips X X
T Giant tick X X
V Giant vulture X
W Giant warthog X
W Giant wild boar X X
S Giant white stork X X
W Giant wren X X
g Grackle man X
g Grasshopper man X X
l Gray langur man X X
o Great horned owl man X X
g Groundhog man X
h Hamster man X X
h Hare man X
b Honey badger man X
h Hyena man X
i Ibex man X X
i Impala man X
j Jackal man X
J Jaguar man X
j Jumping spider man X X
k Kakapo man X
K Kangaroo man X
k Kestrel man X X
l Leopard man X
L Lion man X
l Lizard man X X
l Louse man X X
m Magpie man X
m Mantis man X X
b Monarch butterfly man X X
M Monitor lizard man X
m Mosquito man X X
m Moth man X X
M Muskox man X
o Ocelot man X
o Opossum man X
O Ostrich man X
p Pangolin man X
p Parakeet man X
l Peach-faced lovebird man X
p Peregrine falcon man X X
p Porcupine man X
r Rat man X X
r Raven man X
m Rhesus macaque man X
R Rhinoceros man X
r Roach man X X
s Skink man X X
s Skunk man X
s Slug man X X
s Snail man X X
s Sparrow man X X
t Thrips man X X
t Tick man X X
v Vulture man X
W Warthog man X
W Wild boar man X X
s White stork man X X
w Worm man X X
w Wren man X X

In evil grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
h Harpy X X
O Ogre X X

[edit] Vermin

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
· Ant X X
Bark scorpion X
Bat X X
· Beetle X X
Blue jay X
· Bumblebee X X
Cardinal X
Cockatiel X
Crow X
Firefly X X
· Fly X X
Grackle X
· Grasshopper X X
Hamster X X
· Honey bee X X
· Jumping spider X X
Large roach X X
Lizard X X
· Louse X X
Magpie X
· Mantis X X
Monarch butterfly X X
· Mosquito X X
Moth X X
Parakeet X
Peach-faced lovebird X
Rat X X
Skink X X
~ Slug X X
Snail X X
Sparrow X X
· Termite X X
· Thrips X X
· Tick X X
~ Worm X X
Wren X X

In savage grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
Two-legged rhino lizard X X

In good grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
Fairy X X
Fluffy wambler X X
· Pixie X X

In evil grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
Demon rat X X
~ Knuckle worm X X

[edit] Vegetation

[edit] Shrubs

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
" Alfalfa X X
" Artichoke X
" Asparagus X
" Bambara groundnut X
" Barley X X
" Beet X
" Bilberry X
" Bitter melon X
" Bitter vetch X
" Blackberry X
" Blade weed X X
" Blood amaranth X
" Blueberry X
" Broad bean X
" Cabbage X
" Caper X X
" Cassava X
" Celery X
" Chickpea X
" Chicory X
" Cotton X
" Cowpea X
" Cranberry X
" Cucumber X
" Eggplant X
" Elephant-head amaranth X
" Finger millet X
" Fisher berry X X
" Flax X
" Foxtail millet X
" Garden cress X
" Garlic X
" Grape X
" Hard wheat X
" Hemp X
" Hide root X X
" Horned melon X
" Jute X
" Kaniwa X
" Kenaf X
" Leek X
" Lentil X X
" Lesser yam X
" Lettuce X X
" Longland grass X X
" Long yam X
" Maize X
" Mung bean X
" Muskmelon X X
" Oats X
" Onion X
" Parsnip X
" Passion fruit X
" Pea X
" Peanut X
" Pearl millet X
" Pendant amaranth X
" Pepper X
" Pineapple X
" Potato X X
" Prickle berry X X
" Purple amaranth X
" Purple yam X
" Quinoa X
" Radish X
" Ramie X
" Raspberry X
" Rat weed X X
" Red bean X
" Red spinach X X
" Rope reed X X
" Rhubarb X X
" Rice X
" Rye X X
" Single-grain wheat X
" Soft wheat X
" Sorghum X
" Soybean X
" Spelt X
" Spinach X
" Squash X
" Strawberry X X
" String bean X
" Sweet potato X
" Taro X
" Teff X
" Tomatillo X
" Turnip X
" Two-grain wheat X
" Urad bean X
" Valley herb X
" Watermelon X
" White millet X
" White yam X
" Wild carrot X
" Winter melon X

In savage grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
" Whip vine X X

In good grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
" Sun berry X X

In evil grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
" Sliver barb X X

[edit] Trees

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
Γ Abaca X
Acacia X
Alder X
Almond X
Apple X
Apricot X
Ash X
Γ Avocado X
Γ Banana X
Bayberry X
Birch X
Bitter orange X
Γ Carambola X
Γ Cashew X
Cherry X
Chestnut X
Citron X
Γ Coconut palm X
Coffee X
Custard-apple X
Γ Date palm X
Desert lime X
Γ Durian X
Finger lime X
Ginkgo X
Γ Guava X
Hazel X
Kumquat X
Lime X
Lychee X
Macadamia X
Maple X
Oak X
Olive X
Orange X
Γ Papaya X
Γ Paradise nut X
Peach X
Pear X
Pecan X
Persimmon X
Plum X
Γ Pomegranate X
Pomelo X
Γ Rambutan X
Round lime X
Sand pear X
Tea X
Walnut X
Willow X X

In savage grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
Highwood X X

In good grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
Feather tree X X

In evil grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
Glumprong X X

[edit] Grasses

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
. Bentgrass X
. Blue sedge X
. Carpetgrass X
. Dallisgrass X
. Dog's tooth grass X
. Dropseed grass X X
. Fescue grass X
. Field sedge X
. Grama X X
. Hair grass X
. Knotgrass X
. Meadow-grass X
. Meadowsweet X
. Needle grass X X
. Purple moor grass X
. Reedgrass X
. Ryegrass X
. Satintail X
. Velvet grass X
. Zoysia X

In good grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
O Bubble bulb X X
. Downy grass X X

In evil grasslands:

Name Temperate grassland Tropical grassland
O Staring eyeball X X
Wormy tendril X X
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