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This article is about the current version of DF.

Extracts is a general term used to classify various types of substances derived from animals or plants. Non food extracts do not currently have a purpose in the current build except as export goods.


[edit] Producing extracts

A variety of buildings allow you to produce extracts:

[edit] Butcher's shop

Main article: Butcher's shop

Certain vermin will yield extracts at the butcher's shop by using the extract from a dead animal task. Requires a living caged animal, a glass vial (metal flasks will not work), and a dwarf with the small animal dissection labor enabled.

[edit] Farmer's workshop

Main article: Farmer's workshop

With the appropriate caged animal and a milker, barrels and buckets you can produce milk at the farmer's workshop.

Golden salve can be created from valley herbs, requiring a vial and a dwarf with the plant processing labor enabled:

  • 1 Valley herb makes 5 units of Golden salve, worth 100☼ per unit

Dwarven syrup is created via "Process plants (barrel)"

  • 1 Sweet pod makes 5 Dwarven Syrup, worth 20☼ per unit.
  • Syrup can be cooked to make food.

Milk is created via "Milk Creature," requiring an empty bucket, an empty barrel (or available space in an existing milk barrel), a mature, non-pet, milkable animal, and a dwarf with the milker labor enabled. See the milk and cheese pages for more details.

[edit] Still

Main article: Still

Gnomeblight can be created from Kobold bulbs at a still via "Extract plant essence", requiring a vial and a dwarf with the Plant gathering labor enabled:

  • 1 Kobold bulb makes 5 units of Gnomeblight, worth 100☼ per unit

[edit] Fishery

Main article: Fishery

With a living caged fish and a fish dissector, you can get extracts from our aquatic neighbors.

[edit] Import only

Currently, there are some extracts that cannot be produced on site and need to be imported.

Various types of venom can also be purchased, but currently have no use:

Occasionally caravans will bring a barrel filled with some creature's blood.

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The blood should be purchased in large quantities to offer to Armok in case you are unable to produce it in times of hardship.

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