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The dungeon is the intricate network of halls and passages that lie beneath the keep in a town. Dungeons are distinct from the other underground structures, the catacombs and sewers, although they occasionally create connections with either. The layout of the structure have the feel and resemblance of a traditional roguelike dungeon. Rectangular rooms are joined by narrow corridors and stairways, and loot can be found lying around the rock floors. The dungeon is usually the first place to explore for most adventurers beginning as hearthpersons in a town, and it provides decent challenge for adventure mode beginners.

Dungeons do not hold prisoners in jail, nor do they function at all as a place for imprisonment or torture. In fact, anyone can roam freely in the dungeons, and criminal organizations may even set their base of operations in one. Dungeons are sometimes the locale for quest objectives.

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Dungeons and dragons may occasionally happen, when a dragon claims a dungeon.

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