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Bay 12 Games is the game company of Tarn Adams and his brother Zach Adams. It develops and publishes Dwarf Fortress, as well as other games.


[edit] Employees

[edit] Current

  • Tarn Adams, programmer and designer
  • Zach Adams, designer
  • Pat Vance, IT help
  • Kornel Kisielewicz, IT help
  • Martin Packman, IT help

[edit] Former

  • Alan Ames, "helped out with a lot of our early unreleased projects, and one project released on AOL in 1996" ([1]).
  • Camilla Adams, "linguistic color" ([2])

[edit] Games

Title Year Platform Genre(s)
Dwarf Fortress 2006 Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Construction and management simulation, roguelike
Kobold Quest 2006 Windows, Mac OS X
Squiggles 2005
WWI Medic 2004 Windows
Liberal Crime Squad 2002 Windows, Linux
Slaves to Armok: God of Blood 2000 Windows Single-player fantasy RPG

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